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Wine machines design and production

The company AVA is specialised in the design, the production and the marketing of vine maintenance material.  In 2009, AVA was created in order to take over the assets of the previous company Tordable which had gone into liquidation. Tordable was one of the precursors in the mechanization of the vine green harvesting.

In the first years, AVA chose to rely on patents of exceptional ingenuity concepts and to focus on improving the existing range of products through two lines:

-  Production rationalisation to control the quality

- Reliability of the hydraulic and electronic components

Strong from the experience of this process and thanks to the good results of the current shoot-removing, leaf-removing and trimming ranges on the quality, reliability and efficiency plans, AVA is now willing to initiate a development phase. For this purpose, the company is now investing in a new factory but also and especially in new high-tech means of production with three goals:

-  Better control the production quality

-  Be more reactive in the production and the capacity of responding to specific requests

-  Increase the innovation capacities and tailor-made production


Today, based on its new high-tech means of production, the company aims to develop its range in collaboration with the best consultants:  the winemaker customers, but also relying on a dynamic partner network:



AVA is definitely farsighted, always decided to offer a better quality of production and service to the winemakers in France and all over the world.

Our Services

Wine machines

Discover our full range of products for the vine work :

  • Shoot-Removers
  • Leaf-Removers
  • Hydraulic Trimmers
  • Mechanical Trimmers
  • Branch-Lifters
  • Hydraulic Units

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Thanks to AVA Lease, you can rent our material. It might be for an increased activity, for a try before purchase or because of a postponed investment, we offer you a cost-effective solution in order to respond to your needs.


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Tailor-made metal work

The production of our wine machines is mainly characterized by the metal work. Today, AVA makes available its skills and technical means to respond to your needs. Might it be for mechanical pieces or any other work, we examine all your resquests Steel/Aluminium/Stainless steel.


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